Life Coaching For Individuals

We are certified Life Coaches. We were trained by the Coaches Training Institute in the USA.

We coach clients to find Fulfillment in their daily lifes.

Coaching clients in the area of Fulfillment is about having them let go of preconceived rules and limimtations.

We guide them to step into creating lives that are centered in what truly brings them alive.

We use inner journeys and imagery to help clients define a vision of the future they will create.

We live our lives in constant motion. It’s easy to forget that we have choice in what we do.

Balance coaching is about guiding our clients to make powerful life choices.

And to select the experiences they want most.

We guide clients come up with an alive plan for action that arises out of the perspective they’ve chosen.

The duration of a Life Coaching Session is one hour. The Cost of such a Coaching Session is: R350 for the hour.
You are welcome to contact us for a Coaching Session! You will find our Contact detail on the Contact Us page.