feedback 15 – 17 March 2013

I was losing my wife and life
The Parner – Pattern – Parent
Communication break in Marriage
We know we needed tools to help our marriage

To understand why we react the way we do.
That we could associate with examples and given pratical tools to assist
Open and warm

There was nothing I did not like

It was great the way it was done
Given the material and time available I can honestly say that time is well manages

Great and caring couple – God sent!!
They saved my marriage!!
Value outweighs cost by a 100%
Thank you, Francois and Riana!

My wife

Very knowlageble and well spoken on the coarse material
They are warm, welcoming and loving people!
Very sharing and open that allow us to open up for our own benefit
Your knowledge and help is amazing
Support staff

Food was excellent