Evaluation from the couples that attend

The fact that I am currrently involved with marriage terapy and this helped me in this ministry
Fascilitators we meet with regularly
Our marriage and to find tools to handle conflict and to understand my partner
The importance of my marriage
‘n Vooraf ervaring van Imago en die insig dat dit ‘n onbeskryflike uitwerking het op ons verhouding
To get equipped with Imago RT and get further IRT-education, as well as our own marriage
For futher equipment training
The need for growth in our relationship
Convinced about the success of the Imago principles
Previous Imago training
Recommended throug friends to set a platform for success for our marriage
Fruition of people that uses these methods
Interest in relationships and wanting to know how to help myself as well as others
Wanting to learn more about IMAGO from facilitator point of view
Wou graag beter verstaan hoe Imago-prentjie werk
Training + connecting with partner (knowledge)

Brain functions / Mini- + Maxi- info / Child development stage + patterns and defenses formed
Teoretiese sessies sodat ek beter kan verstaan hoe alles inmekaar steek
Good setting.
Enough room for participation.
Practically, Re-discovering roots of behaciour
Practical Application
Connecting to my partners inner child
Hulle is ook opreg en warm en vul mekaar goed aan
The presenters are knowledgeable
The new material and the practicality
Closeness and Informality
Eerlikheid waarmee gepraat word
Everthing was great
Energy of the presenter
Exploring what goes on “under the ice berg”
The psychological development phases

They were very good and passionate
Passionate about the work
Shown lots of emphathy
Aanpasbaar; lees sy groep goed en kan daarby aanpas
Keep up the good work
‘n Moet vir almal om te doen
Every married couple should do this training
The Imago approuch equipped me to really think about the reasons for behaviour and handle it better
Very friendly and well presented
Puik / Excellent / Spontaan / Gemaklike atmosfeer!
Respek en waardering vir lede in hul eie “SPACE”

Bill Price & Peto Weber
Kobus & Linda Pauw
Through a friend
Our Marriage Councellor
Marriage preparation course
Recommended through friends
At marriage group
Word of Mouth
Suggest by group leader
We asked for one

They are passionate and knowledgeable as well as approachable
I love their enery and their comfort with presenting the material to us in a practical and understandable manner
Very energised, enjoyable persons.
Received us with a warm heart
Could not think of someone better to present this workshop, they really fullfill each other
Thank you for an excellent, memorable weekend and the love between Francois & Riana so refreshing!
Good commitment, Honesty and Geniune
The knowledge and passionate execusion of the material and the dovetail interaction with co. presenter (Riana) was inspiring and motivational
Hulle is opreg en warm en vul mekaar goed aan.
Hulle skep ‘n veilige spasie
Lovely people
Very Knowledgeable on Imago
Francois and Riana was very warm, friendly and inviting
Very professional and well equiped
Warm, approachable, friendly
Extremely passionate and well informed
Curtious and friendly
Thanks for all the effort and work – was great coming to Melkbos!!!
Baie dankie vir openheid en moeite!
Dankie dat jul ons in jul huis inneem!
Dankie vir spontaniteit / liefde / respek / eerlikheid en deursigtigheid
Julle eerlikheid help ons genees!!
Support staff

Dankie, Sonja vir lekker eet / “snacks”!!l
Caterer did very good job
Warm, approachable, friendly
Great serventhood, humble.
Very approachable
Thank you for all the wonderful refreshments
The refreshments was also great
Very good with the food

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