Francois Hanekom

1973 = B.A
1976 = B.Th (Cum Laude)
1977 = M.Th
1977 = Licentiate In Theology
1984 = D.Th
Doctoral Degree:
Subject Of My Doctoral Thesis:
“Marital Therapy”


Princeton Theological Seminary,
New Jersey
I Was Offered A Post Graduate Bursary By The Princeton Theological
Seminary To Study And To Do Research In The Following Subjects:
Marriage Therapy And Family Therapy.
This Bursary Was For The Six Months Of The Second Semester =
January 1990 Till June 1990.
In This Period I Did Attend Class With The Magister And The Doctoral Students.


I Attended Training With Dr Albert Ellis The Designer Of:
Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (Ret) In New York City.
The Training Dr Albert Ellis Gave Was:
“Marital Therapy”

April 1990

Relationship Enhancement Marital/Family Therapy
Dr Bernard Guerney (Jr), Pensylvania, Usa

April 1990

Helping Couples In Distress
Dr G W Henson, Princeton, Usa

June 2006

Certification By:
Council For Pastoral And Spiritual Counsellors:
Registered With Cpsc
Cpsc Category 7 –
Certificate Number Cpsc D027/18
Advanced Religious Specialist In Christian Pastoral Counselling.

April 2007

Organization And Relationship Systems Coaching:
The Coaches Training Institute, Boston, Usa

July 2008 Till July 2009

Imago Relationship Therapy, Clinical Training:
Certified By Imago Relationships International:
As An Imago Clinical Couples Therapist.

October 2009

Imago Relationship Therapy: A Training For Professionals:
Dr Harville Hendrix, Omega Institute, New York

October 2009

Imago 6th Annual International Conference:
Albuquerque, New Mexico, Usa
Dr Susan Johnson Was The Key Note Speaker At This
Imago Conference.

May 2010

Imago Relationship Therapy:
Training And Certification As An:
Imago Couples Workshop Presenter:
Portland, Oregon, Usa

May 2011

Organization And Relationship Systems Coaching:
System Geography: Roles And Structures:
San Francisco, Ca, Usa

May 2011

Imago: Parenting Program Presenter Training:
Certification As:
Imago Parenting Workshop Presenter.
Detroit, Michigan, Usa

September 2012

Gottman Institute: 
Level 1 =
Clinical Training For Couples Therapists
Drs John + Julie Gottman
Atalanta, Georgia, Usa

October 2012

9th Annual Imago Relationships International Conference =Vancouver, Canada

November 2014

Training In Mcmaster Family Therapy:
Cape Town, South Africa.

October 2015

A Psychobiological Approach To Couple Therapy® (Pact).
Dr Stan Tatkin
New York City, Usa

October 2015

12th Annual Imago Relationships International Conference = St Petersburg, Florida, Usa

November 2015

Gottman Institute: Level 2 =
Clinical Training For Couples Therapists
Brooklyn, New York City, Usa

August 2012 Till March 2018

Eft Trainings And Supervisions Done:

Eft Trainings Done:

1. I Have Done: Six ( 6 ) Externships

2. I Have Done: Core Skills 1
Core Skills 2
Core Skills 3 (Twice)
Core Skills 4 (Twice)

3. Total Hours In Group Supervision = 66 Hours

4. Total Hours In Individual Supervision = 22 Hours

5. I Have Also Attended With My Wife:
Two (2) Eft Couples Workshops:
Hold Me Tight.

I Have Done Trainings With The Following Eft Trainers:

Dr Susan Johnson Ed.D.
Gail Palmer Msw, Rmft
Dr Brent Bradley, Ph.D
Jeff Hickey, Lcsw
Dr Kathryn Rheem, Ed.D
Dr Annmarie Early, Ph.D
Dr James Furrow, Ph.D
Kathryn De Bruin, Lmft
Dr. Elmien Lesch, Ph.D
George Faller, Lmft
Debi Scimeca-Diaz, Lmft
Elana Katz, Lcsw

I Have Done EftTrainings In The Following Cities In The Usa:

St Paul, Minnesota, Usa
Washington Dc, Usa
Greenwich, Connecticut, Usa
Ackermann Institute, New York City, New York, Usa
Hamilton, New Jersey, Usa
Washington Baltimore Center For Eft, Falls Church, Va

Eft Trainings Done In Cities In South Africa:

Cape Town, South Africa
University Of Stellenbosch South Africa

Eft Trainings:

The Full Detail Of All The Eft Trainings And Supervisions That I Have Done:
Can Be Found In The Document:
“Eft Trainings And Supervisions Done From August 2012 Till March 2018”

My Wife Did Also Attend Some Of These Eft Trainings In The Usa And Sa.

My Wife And Myself Also Co-Lead:
Hold Me Tight Couples Workshops