Weekend Program

We also do: Imago Couples Weekend Workshops.

We are both: Certified Imago Couples Workshop Presenters.
We also do: Imago Couples Weekend Workshops. We are both: Certified Imago Couples Workshop Presenters.
For this Weekend Couples Workshop, you are welcome to drive in and out for the Sessions every day, during the Weekend. You do not need to stay over in Melkbosstrand.

Many couples drive every day to Melkbosstrand for the Workshop. We have couples attending from: Paarl, Durbanville, Cape Town, Bellville etc. And they drive in and out.

We can also forward you a List of Guest Houses in Melkbosstrand. If you want to stay over for the Weekend while attending the Workshop, you can book in a Guest House.


6:00 Light Meal
6:45 “Draggers and Draggees!”

7:30 Lecture: Our Spiral Journey
8:30 Tea
8:45 Demo: The Intentional Dialogue = Mirror
9:15 My Imago Synthesis
10:00 Visualization: My safe place
10:15 Close

8:15 Coffee
Sharing our childhood photo’s!
8:30 Centering and Grounding
8:45 Visualization: My Childhood years

9:45 Lecture: The Messages of Repressive Socialization
10:15 Demo: Parent – Child Dialogue
10:30 Tea
11:00 Private Couple Dialogue: Parent – Child Dialogue

12:15 Lecture: The Imago and my Partner Selection
12:45 Demo: The Intentional Dialogue = Mirror and Summary
1:00 Lunch

3:15 Lecture: From Romantic Love to the Power Struggle!
3:45 Demo: The Intentional Dialogue = Validation and Empathy
4:15 Coffee
4:30 Private Couple Dialogue: The Intentional Dialogue

5:30 Lecture
Our Evolutionary Legacy

6:00 Supper

6:45 Lecture: The Art of Sexual Re-Connection!
8:15 Tea and Coffee
8:30 Private Couple Dialogue: Dialogue about our Sexual Intimacy
9:30 Closure

8:15 Coffee
8:30 Consciousness Raising
Visualization: Re-imaging my Partner as a Child

9:15 Lecture: Healthy Psychological Development
10:15 Demo: The Behaviour Change Request Dialogue
10:45 Tea
11:15 Private Couple Dialogue: The Behaviour Change Request Dialogue
Frustrations as unfulfilled Needs

12:15 Re-Romanticizing
12:15 Flooding Exercise
12:45 The Holding Exercise
1:15 Circle : Closure

IMAGO Relationships Melkbosstrand Verhoudings Werkswinkel

6:00 Ligte Ete

6:45 Kenmekaar
“Draggers and Draggees!”
Lesing: Die Sirkel Fases van ons Liefdesverhouding

8:30 Tee

8:45 Demo: Die Intensionele Dialoog = Spieël
9:15 Die vorming van my Imago-prentjie 1
10:00 Visualisering: My veilige plek

10:15 Afsluiting

8:15 Koffie Kyk mekaar se kleuter-foto’s
8:30 Bewuswording
8:45 Visualisering: My kleuterjare
9:45 Lesing Die Boodskappe van Onderdrukkende Sosialisering
10:15 Demo: Die Ouer/Kind dialoog

10:30 Tee

11:00 Ouer/Kind Dialoog
12:15 Lesing My Imago en my Maat-seleksie
12:45 Demo: Die Intensionele Dialoog = Spieël en Opsomming

1:30 Middagete

3:00 Lesing Van Romantiese Liefde na die Magstryd!
3:30 Demo: Die Intensionele Dialoog = Validering en Empatie

4:15 Koffie

4:30 Die Intensionele Dialoog
5:30 Lesing Ons Drie-ledige brein

6:00 Ligte Ete

6:45 Her-romantiseer ons verhouding
7:15 Die Oorvloed Oefening

7:45 Tee

8:00 Lesing Hernu ons Seksuele konneksie
8:45 Die Intensionele Seksuele Dialoog
9:30 Afsluiting

8:15 Koffie

8:30 Bewuswording Visualiseer my maat as ‘n kleuter
9:00 Lesing Ons Fases van Sielkundige Ontwikkeling
9:45 Frustrasies as onvervulde behoeftes

10:45 Tee

11:15 Demo: Die Gedrag-verandering versoek
11:45 Pare: Die Gedrag-verandering versoek
12:45 Lesing Konneksie as Essensie van ons bestaan
1:00 Die Vashou-oefening
1:45 Sirkel Afsluit