Parenting Workshops

Connected Parents, Thriving Kids.

Imagine the following: Some day you are being asked to fly a Boeing 747, without getting any training to do it? This will certainly be a traumatic and stressful experience!

Do you also sometimes experience a similar stressful situation:
“As parent I have to manage my highly reactive child, but I have never been trained to do it!”

Imago International has designed an Imago Parenting Workshop. This Parenting Workshop gives guidance to parents to help them manage their children in a constructive way.

Therefore this Workshop also has the meaningful name of: Giving the Love that Heals.

All Parents, Single Parents and Grandparents will experience this Workshop as very meaningful.

The themes of the eight sessions are:

Toward Conscious Parenting

The Parent-Child Connection

Discovering the Evolving Child

Searching for gold – A Journey of Self-Discovery

Childhood Influences and Frustrations

Myself as a Parent

Understanding the Wounded Self

Weaving it All Together – Possibilities for a Conscious Future